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Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum is the only upper secondary vocational institution in the Greater Helsinki area where the language of instruction is Swedish and that offers initial vocational education for young people and adults.

The main unit is situated in Helsinki (Arabianranta), but there are also smaller units in Porvoo and in Espoo. Prakticum has about 1200 students and there are 145 people working at the school. The target groups are both adults and young people and we have 12 different degrees including electricians, beauty carers, restaurant cooks and vehicle mechanics.

Prakticum is involved in several Erasmus+-projects and we are welcoming new partners and ideas. We also arrange visits for groups that are interested in our school.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Prakticum students or personnel do not at the moment travel abroad nor do we accept visitors from abroad. This restriction is in place until 31st of December 2020.