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Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum is the only upper secondary vocational institution in the Greater Helsinki area where the language of instruction is Swedish and that offers initial vocational education for young people and adults.

The main unit is situated in Helsinki (Arabianranta), but there is also a smaller unit in the town of Porvoo, 50 kilometres east of Helsinki.

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum offers initial vocational education in the following study programmes:

  • Automation Assembler  (automationsmontör)
  • Beauty Therapist  (kosmetolog)
  • Business and Administration Clerk  (merkonom)
  • Business Information Technican  (datanom)
  • Cook  (kock)
  • Electrician  (elmontör)
  • Hairdresser  (frisör)
  • Hotel Receptionist  (receptionist)
  • ICT Assembler  (ICT-montör)
  • Media Assistant  (medie-assistent)
  • Practical Nurse  (närvårdare)
  • Technology Vendor  (reservdelsförsäljare)
  • Waiter/Waitress  (servitör)
  • Vehicle Mechanic  (fordonsmekaniker)

All upper secondary vocational qualifications are based on three-year study programmes (120 credits), the completion of which provides eligibility for higher education at polytechnics and universities

Fortbildningscentrum Prakticum

Offers vocational education for adults who have completed comprehensive school and who have some work experience. The language of instruction is mainly Swedish and Finnish.

We can offer a wide range of different educational options.

  • Maskeeraaja (bilingual, swedish and finnish)
  • Visuaalinen markkinoija (bilingual, swedish and finnish)
  • Närvårdare (swedish)
  • Ledare för skolgång och morgon- och eftermiddagsverksamhet (swedish)
  • Ekokampaaja (bilingual, swedish and finnish)
  • Merkonom (swedish)

The different programmes lead to an official qualification or part of a qualification or, in other cases, education and training is arranged as courses which focus on a specialized field of expertise. The qualifications are taken as competence-based qualifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our educations.

Personal contact information can be found at


  • Helsingforsenheten
  • Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 5
  • 00560 Helsingfors
  • tfn 020 769 9700

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