Hygienepassport test

Yrkesinstitutet Practicum regularly organizes Hygiene passport examinations. Those who work in the food industry, with unpacked raw materials like milk, fish and meat; must have basic knowledge of food hygiene in order to ensure food safety.  The Finnish hygiene passport for the food industry was developed to promote food safety. We arrange open examinations to complete the test required for a hygiene pass. The test includes 40 statements that are either correct or incorrect, and you should be able to choose the correct option for at least 34 of these statements. 

Information on Evira’s homepage in English 


Helsinki, Jan Magnus Janssons plats 5, yrkesinstitutet Prakticum

Implementation time

7.5.2018 at 16:00


50,00 € incl. 24 % VAT (9,68 €)

For the examination, a fee of 50 € is charged to the participant (re-examination 20 €).

The registration is binding, the exam can be canceled free of charge no later than four days before the event, after which the participant is charged the fee. (NB! For Prakticum students, the price may vary or be free)

Study material and preparations

For the literature, the participant are referred to the web pages:


We will send you a confirmation letter by e-mail 1 week before the event.

You should be able to prove your identity with a valid identity card

You should bring a blue ballpoint pen with you to the exam.

The result of the test is available immediately after the exam. You will receive a certificate by mail within approximately 3 weeks

Sign up for the test here before 30.4.2018!

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