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Insomnolence19 is an esports-tournament ran by Prakticum vocational institute. The event is largely organized by the students themselves.

The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be played. We chose this game because it has show itself to be popular among the students at Prakticum. In Counter-Strike teamplay and critical thinking is key and we want our youth to develop these skills as it is something they will find greatly beneficial in the future.

In addition the game fosters logical thinking and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. Some physical attributes are trained too, such as reaction time and hand-eye coordination.


Team registrations will be accepted until the XX.XX.
Finals will be played on the XX.XX at Prakticum in Helsinki.

Who may enter?

The tournament is open to all secondary school students in Finland. The teams should be made up of five players, with possibilities to include a sixth as backup. In addition, teams may register an outside coach. Observe however that the coach may not play in any matches.

We’re aiming for an even tournament with a max amount of 32 participating teams. In the event of more than 32 teams registering only the first 32 teams will be accepted.

How will it happen?

We will set up brackets after we have received all registrations. The teams will be inserted randomly.

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